Red Remo - Adversing Group Website

The Remo Network is a communications group formed by the advertising agencies Remo Asatsu and Romulo & Remo, the direct marketing company Remo D6 and the interactive communication agency DoubleYou Remo. Their website must communicate the spirit of the Network, their philosophy. Thus the site uses a video game environment to communicate the twelve points of their philosophy.

This is really a game. Exactly that, a video game. You navigate with the keyboard and the scenes and characters are in pixels. You listen to background music while navigating through the agencies. That is why the characters speak in fumettis. Or you can be revived to continue playing.

Red Remo
Flash 5!
  • New York Festivals -International Print Advertising Design- 2001 Finalist in the Corporate Image section (Website advertising and design category)
  • Club de Creativos - CdeC Awards - 2001 Selected to appear in the CdeC 2002 Yearbook.